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Accusations, memes and a million dislikes: how the clip of Timati and Guf about Moscow became the most hated Russian YouTube video

Continuation: Guf apologized for the clip about Moscow and said that he had been “divorced.” Timati deleted the video, but copies were saved on other platforms.

On September 7, Guf and Timati released the video and song “Moscow”. The video came out the day before the Moscow City Duma elections, which turned into a scandal with the inadmissibility of opposition candidates and rallies. In the song, one could find lines like “Slam the burger for Sobyanin’s health” and “I don’t go to rallies and don’t rub game.”

For two days, the clip of rappers became the most hated video of the Russian YouTube. The video has already broken the record of dislikes for Russia: at the time of writing the note, their number almost reached a million (950 thousand dislikes to 58 thousand likes). Probably, by the evening of September 9, “Moscow” will overcome this mark.

Updated (17:25): Overcome.

The reason for this reaction to the release of the clip is the users’ confidence that both the song and the videos are made to order from the Moscow authorities. In an extreme case, this is their own desire to please Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin. It is such arguments that are mainly found in the comments under the video.

Timati and Guf deny that someone ordered them a clip with phrases against rallies and in support of Sobyanin.

I am not ashamed, they did not pay me and I do not save the business. I adhere to my position and do not “change shoes” to the need of the crowd. […] On the topic: I have immense respect for the mayor, I see every day how my city blooms! I see an increase in tourist flows, I have something to be proud of. This is my city, and for me it is beautiful!Timati

There is no government order, no money here. Stupidly drone and the desire to congratulate your city. At least I would like to believe in it.Goof

But social networks do not really believe rappers. Over time, the desire to put a dislike clip turned into a kind of flash mob – this happened with the record holder for dislikes throughout YouTube.

 spoke with representatives of the TimelabPro team working on the video footage of the clip. They confirmed that work on the clip was really carried out in a limited time: “Everything was mounted overnight, and the track with a voice was sent only at night.”

According to the authors of the video, especially for Timati and Guf, they shot only a few initial and final seconds, where they appear in the frame. The remaining fragments with drone flights over Moscow were taken from old TimelabPro works, including those published on their channel. This was noticed in social networks.

Rapper Lokimin suggested substituting for the song, instead of the views of Moscow, video from rallies where protesters are beaten by police. Soon there was such an unofficial version.
Some federal media outlets talked about users ’dislike for the clip by Timati and Guf, but slightly“ softened ”the reasons. For example, RIA Novosti simply wrote “in the comments to the clip, YouTube users called it“ custom-made ””, without specifying the reasons.
The line “In the fifth generation, the native Muscovite, I don’t go to rallies and do not rub game” became a meme – on Twitter and in the comments on YouTube they began to redo it, substituting their options. Basically – about the fact that Guf and Timati “sold out” to the authorities.

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