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Unknown live hacker attacks global services

In addition to Wikipedia , Twitch was temporarily unavailable as a result of a DDOS attack . The hacker detailed coverage of his actions live.
It all started with the fact that an unknown UkDrillas account announced the beginning of a DDOS attack on two data centers of Wikimedia, which owns the Wikipedia project. As a result, at the time of the attack, the service remained unavailable for a total of more than 12 hours.

UkDrillas @UKDrillasYesterday at 04:33

Currently dropping @Wikipedia 20G AMS-IX and 10G Equinix Chicago lines.
respectively. Started attacking intermittently a few hours ago for testing.
Being held since 9PM BST + 0.

Later, he stopped the attack on the Wikipedia server, explaining that he intended to do “something interesting.” At that moment she was again available. The goal of ending the attack was the intention to disable the servers serving Twitch in order to interrupt the current broadcasts of major American streamers.

Despite the fact that Twitch has many duplicate servers, as a result of a series of consecutive attacks, he succeeded .

According to the authors, the hackers have enough power for one big attack on one server.

UkDrillas @UKDrillas

So. We have 2 options. We can cycle through every twitch streaming server and hit off of every big streamer streaming right now. Or we keep wikipedia offline. Decision will be made in ~ 10mins

At the time of publication of this note, the hacker stopped the attack, saying that “he will return tomorrow at the same time.” 

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