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VKontakte promised to abandon the API method because of a bot revealing a list of friends visiting Pornhub

It’s not possible to find out which apps friends have installed.

VKontakte will cease to use the API method, which allowed the user to see a list of friends who log in to applications through social networks, the company’s press service told . The team announced the changes after it became known about the PRNHB bot – it showed friends visiting one of the largest porn sites Pornhub.

To protect user information, we will abandon the users.isAppUser API method. Already we have made changes. Now you can’t find out which applications VKontakte friends have installed – including if they used widgets to log in to other sites through VK.

Vkontakte press service

PRNHB was created by a programmer from Arkhangelsk Daniil Suvorov. Later, the VKontakte team closed the release of information about users of the Pornhub application.

VKontakte and Pornhub entered into an agreement in 2017. Using authorization through the social network, the site checks whether the user has reached the age of majority – this is necessary to comply with Russian laws.

At least half of friends: a bot on VKontakte shows which user has logged in to Pornhub 

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