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In Moscow will introduce video surveillance at public events and implement recognition technology persons

At least 260 million rubles will be spent on this.

A meeting in Moscow on August 10 Photo of George Malets

The Moscow Department of Information Technology (DIT) ordered technical support for mass events. The amount of the contract with Sitronics IT integrator amounted to 260 million rubles. This was reported by Vedomosti.

The system will work at major events, including protest rallies; later it is planned to introduce face recognition technology into it. To this end, the authorities instructed Sitronics to check whether people need their consent to use their images for video surveillance, whether they need to delete materials on demand and what responsibility the operator and users of the system will incur in case of violation. The authorities believe that increasing the level of security will attract more visitors to mass events.

Previously, video surveillance was conducted only at major holidays, for example, during the celebration of City Day or Victory Day. The Interior Ministry said that the city’s CCTV cameras have long been used in rallies. Experts believe that the observation is now chaotically organized, and it makes no sense to recognize faces only on existing city cameras: they are located far from the venue. For more efficient operation, you need to add cameras, for example, to the frames of metal detectors at the inputs and outputs.

The Moscow city video surveillance network consists of 167 thousand cameras located in porches, schools, kindergartens, stadiums and other crowded places. In May, Sobyanin announced plans to create in Moscow one of the largest facial recognition systems in the world, which will cover more than 200 thousand surveillance cameras.

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