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US special forces secret base discovered in Estonia

Journalists claim that it has been operating since 2014.

Estonian journalists discovered a secret military base for training US special forces. According to journalists, soldiers are based in the country, but are subordinate to the US command through third parties. This was reported by the Estonian Broadcasting Corporation (ERR).

The base was revealed in the transfer of journalistic investigations, ” Witness “. The authors had their first guesses after studying the documents of the US Department of Defense, which said that in 2019 America would allocate Estonia 15.7 million dollars for the needs of a “specific object”.

Journalists of the “Eyewitness” claim that they got to the military base after six months of negotiations, but on the condition that they would not disclose its location. Reporters were not told the size of the unit and were only allowed to remove flags and signs.

Kevin Stringer, senior officer of the European special forces of the US Army, told reporters that the special forces have been on a permanent basis in Estonia since 2014. He explained the allocation of funds by the need to expand the base.

According to reporters, the documents say for what specific purpose they will spend 15.7 million dollars. Among the costs are the construction of barracks, a shooting gallery, an armory and a tower for drying parachutes. Objects should be completed in 2020, construction has already begun.

The authors of “Eyewitness” explained that the annexation of Crimea was the impetus for the deployment of American special forces in Estonia. As noted in the ERR, local and foreign media reported several years in a row about the base of American special forces in the Baltic states, but these rumors have always been refuted. According to public information, only the NATO base is located in Estonia.

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