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At least half of friends: a bot on VKontakte shows which user has logged in to Pornhub

In private messages comes a list of links to friends' pages that recently visited a porn site.

Arkhangelsk programmer Daniil Suvorov created a bot for VKontakte PRNHB, which reveals to a user which of his friends will log in to one of the largest pornhub Pornhub through a social network account. The author told that he had created the “for fun” application in early August and so far few people have used it.

Updated at 14:30: the PRNHB bot restored work after VKontakte tried to prevent it. The social network banned the second page of the creator of the bot, through which he requested a list of friends in the Pornhub application.

How does the PRNHB bot work?

  • The bot works on the pages of users who access Pornhub from a Russian IP and log in via VKontakte;
  • When logging in via VKontakte, Pornhub requests general information about the profile: name and surname, city of residence, place of work and links to other social networks, if indicated;
  • When a person passes authorization, the Pornhub application is automatically added to his profile;
  • The programmer used a method that returns information about whether the user installed the application. There you can see the entire list of participants. Read more about this in the VKontakte section for developers.

A check by showed that PRNHB actually writes the number of friends who are sitting on Pornhub via VKontakte and gives links to their profiles. Several friends from the list of the editor confirmed that they were authorized to porn through an account on the social network. Some of them already knew about the bot, because friends sent them messages from him with links to their pages.

VKontakte users can theoretically use the information that their friends are watching porn to deanonymize. So did the users of “Dvacha” when the publicity of social networks lost anonymity in candid photos.

Suvorov does not know what he will do if users start complaining about his bot.

This is a tricky question [about deanonymization]. I do not think that watching porn is shameful. “Porn for modernity is supportive.”

Probably, I will recommend them to use VPN or AdBlock, so as not to see the login plate through VKontakte. Also check the list of apps for Pornhub.

Bot problems

The bot also has several problems in its work. Firstly, he will not give out links to friends from those who closed their profile and accordingly hid the list of friends. Secondly, once in a certain number of days, the Pornhub application is reset token – user authorization – so the same person from different friends can be on the list, or it can be hidden. Thirdly, the bot can no longer cope with the influx of users and asks to stand in line, which may be aggravated with increasing popularity.

Closed pages have hidden friends. Therefore, they need to either open their page, or add as friends or subscribe to the profile of Diana Larinova . Friends are requested through it – this is my test account.

As for bugs: API restrictions allow you to find out information about 75 users per second. I’ll also think about how to optimize it.Daniil Suvorovcreator of the bot PRNHB

Safety “VKontakte”

Back in May 2018, a bug was discovered on VKontakte that allowed users to view applications. Then it became known that about 2.9 million people logged in to Pornhub via VKontakte.

According to Suvorov, the social network quickly corrected this loophole, however, several other methods remained to find out this information.

Once upon a time, a link was posted on the bagos where you could see the participants of any application. Then it was partially fixed. There is another way to find out if a friend is sitting on Pornhub: go to the apps page, select the “Actions” menu, then “Invite Friends”. We find those who are not on the list.

Most likely [when VKontakte finds out about the bot] it will close the ability to see if the user is in the application only for Pornhub.Daniil Suvorovcreator of the bot PRNHB

VKontakte and Pornhub entered into an agreement in 2017 to check if the user has reached the age of majority. This was done only for users from Russia to comply with Russian information laws. Then representatives of the social network claimed that VKontakte did not receive information about the Pornhub user and his actions on the site.

Suvorov understands that VKontakte will most likely not allow his bot to continue working: “They will probably close the possibility to see if the user is in the application only for Pornhub. If this happens, I will write about it in the PRNHB group. ”

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