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VKontakte launched the QR code designer. Through them, you can share a password from Wi-Fi, an event or geolocation

In the future, the company will add codes for money transfers.

VKontakte launched the QR-code designer, with which you can share links, events, geolocation or Wi-Fi network data. To do this, users just need to scan the code with the camera or in the VKontakte application. This was told by TJ company representatives.

The service works on the VK Mini Apps platform via “VKontakte” application, but is available on a separate website . The service has ready-made templates, but users can create code with their own design. The designer allows you to customize colors and add a logo or photo with arbitrary text.

To transfer Wi-Fi data, just enter the network name and password once. The system will create a QR code that can be saved and sent if necessary.

The code can be scanned in the VKontakte application or in the standard Camera, if it supports QR recognition. After that, the notification “Connect to the network” will appear, when you click on it, the application will ask again whether to connect or not. After that, the password will be entered by itself.

According to the head of the VKontakte QR codes, Irina Kirilushkina, the social network has built an entire ecosystem for working with QR. With their help, entrepreneurs can attract new customers, authors can share creativity, and users can transfer money, make friends in the chat, or share Wi-Fi.

For six months, QR codes in the VK application have been used more than 10 million times. Scanning codes, VKontakte users subscribe to communities, add friends, send money, receive cashback for the purchase of goods as part of the Checkback service sharesIrina Kirilushkinaproduct manager VKontakte QR codes

As an example, on VKontakte, they cited the restaurant “Taste Library”, which brings along with a check a card with a QR code. With it, users can tip the waiters without cash.

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