USB-IF revealed the characteristics of USB4. It became twice as fast as USB 3, but lost the space in the name

The appearance of the connector has not changed, but it has become more compatible.

The USB-IF organization that regulates the USB standard has published a list of features for the new version of the interface – USB4. He received improved compatibility and increased speed, as well as a new spelling without a space. This is stated on the USB-IF website.

USB4 received three major innovations compared to the previous version of the USB 3 standard. The main thing was to increase the data transfer rate up to 40 Gb / s – it is twice as fast as the latest version of USB and eight times faster than the original USB 3. The interface also supports all the maximum speeds of previous versions.

The new version of USB also has universal compatibility with Thunderbolt 3, Intel’s proprietary USB 3 implementation. With USB4, the company allowed everyone to use the interface for free.

Another innovation was improved data output and separation. The ability to use one cable for power, data and video appeared in USB 3, but sometimes it worked intermittently. USB4 technology has been improved: for example, if a user has a monitor that uses a video signal at a speed of 8 Gb / s, the remaining 32 Gb / s can be sent to other purposes.

USB4 will do without a new connector: manufacturers are still switching to USB-C, so USB-IF did not begin to make a new connector. In addition, with USB4, the organization changed the principle of naming interfaces: now it will be easier for users to understand the versions of the connector.

We have no plans for iterating USB 4.0, 4.1, 4.2. We want to make this [name] as simple as possible. If a faster version appears, we will certify it and designate a separate brand.

Brad Sanders

USB Promoter Group CEO

USB4 is unlikely to hit the market in the coming year. In addition, due to more complex technologies, the interface can also become more expensive than its predecessors.

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