Hong Kong government agrees to withdraw bill to extradite prisoners and suspects to China

This is only one of the five demands of protesters.

Hong Kong authorities agreed to withdraw the bill to extradite suspects and prisoners to Taiwan, Macau and China. This was announced in a televised address by Prime Minister Carrie Lam.

She announced the revocation of the law after a meeting with other officials and lawmakers. The reason for the recall is not called.

The recall of the bill is only the first of five protest demands. In their opinion, it is necessary to abolish the use of the term “riots” in relation to the protest rally on June 12, release the people arrested for rallies, conduct an investigation into the actions of the police and create a general election system for the head of Hong Kong and the deputies of the legislative assembly. Lam did not comment on the remaining demands of the protesters.

A bill to extradite suspects and prisoners to China, Macau and Taiwan was introduced on April 3, 2019. It caused massive unrest among citizens. According to them, it could be used to intimidate Chinese dissidents who fled to Hong Kong and those who criticize Beijing.

On July 9, Carrie Lam called the bill dead, and the attempt to pass it failed. However, then she did not report a complete withdrawal of the law from consideration.

Because of this, Hong Kong held protests against the adoption of the law throughout the summer. One of the first rallies took place on June 9th. According to various sources, from 240 thousand to a million people took part in it. The largest protest took place on June 16, in which more than 2 million citizens participated.

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