Bloomberg: Samsung has sent to development a second smartphone with a flexible screen. It folds into a square screen inward

The company thinks that the device will attract both those who are interested in fashion and nostalgic for clamshells.

Samsung began to develop the second model of a smartphone with a flexible screen. This was reported by Bloomberg, citing sources familiar with the development process.

The smartphone will fold into a square screen inward. When folded, the phone should fit in your pocket. The device will receive a dual main camera and a front camera in the form of a drop like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. The 6.7-inch screen when opened will be the same as most modern smartphones, and not like the Galaxy Fold.

Samsung is partnering with US designer Tom Brown to help attract users who are interested in fashion and luxury, rather than technical specifications. At the same time, the company wants to interest the rest in a device that combines a high-tech screen and a clamshell form factor, which should cause nostalgia.

Sources of Bloomberg noted that the output of the smartphone will depend on the success of the Galaxy Fold. At the same time, the new phone will be thinner and cheaper than its predecessor with a flexible screen. According to the interlocutors of the publication, the company plans to show the device in early 2020. Samsung declined to comment on the development of the smartphone.

Samsung introduced the Galaxy Fold with a flexible screen in February 2019. The smartphone was supposed to go on sale in April, but its start of sales was delayeddue to numerous complaints of defects.

Some of the journalists who received the Galaxy Fold for reviews peeled off theprotective film from the screen, after which the phone failed. Problems also occurred when bending the device in the upper and lower parts of the display. In July, the company announced that it had corrected the flaws and set a new deadline for global sales to begin in September 2019.

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