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Thread: Strange government operations and experiments in declassified US documents

Manipulating consciousness with LSD, collecting the remains of infants without the knowledge of their parents, and forcibly sterilizing Native American women.

On September 1, a thread was launched on Reddit with a request to list “unexpectedly terrifying” declassified documents about secret operations, strange experiments, and hushed-up information. Most of the information related to documents released by the CIA.

Since December 31, 2006, the CIA has been obligated to remove the signature stamp from documents older than 25 years and provide free access to them. Access to the database can be obtained on the official website , but not everything can be found there, because sometimes documents are classified again.

The largest collection of documents released by the US government was created byJohn Greenwald, who has been constantly submitting information to declare information under the US Freedom of Information Act since the age of 15. Members of the thread often referred to its database and recommended that they study the documents there in more detail.

In the thread, they used to remember both loud and forgotten cases. Sometimes US authorities withheld some of the information from citizens after the incidents in order to avoid panic or increased attention.

When the Challenger was destroyed, authorities reported that seven astronauts died immediately. Decades later, it was declassified that some astronauts survived the explosion – the kubrick was quite protected. For 2 minutes and 45 seconds they were awake, while rapidly falling into the Atlantic Ocean.

NASA knew that news of their horrific deaths would adversely affect the space program, which was already not in the best condition.

In 1961, a B-52 strategic bomber with two nuclear bombs collapsed in the air over the city of Goldsboro. One bomb fell into a swamp, another opened a parachute, and it landed without damage. In 2013, it was declassified that the second bomb, upon landing, was on alert, as safety devices had broken.

The power of each of the two bombs is 260 times greater than that of a bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

In 2007, former FBI agent Robert Levinson resigned and began working as a private detective. He went to the island of Kish in the Persian Gulf to get to Iran. He was last seen there. His wife and eldest son went looking for Levinson, but authorities showed them documents indicating that the man had left the country. The United States said Levinson was conducting a private investigation.

Three years later, in 2010, the CIA admitted that Levinson went on a secret mission to gather information about the Iranian government. Then the relatives of the missing person received a video with a man – he looked exhausted and asked for help. It is believed that Levinson is still held hostage.

Operation ” Paperclip “. After World War II, US authorities sent Nazi scientists to America. Some were taken directly from prison cells in Nuremberg. The most famous among them is Werner von Braun, who built the V-2 missiles using Jewish slave labor. Every day he ordered the execution of the five slowest workers to motivate others to work harder.

In America, von Braun was sent to Alabama, where he built the Saturn-5 rocket, which was used in the Apollo comic program to realize the first manned landing on the moon.

Reddit users also recalled the CIA’s unsuccessful plans.

Operation ” Acoustic Kitty “. The CIA tried to train cats to monitor the USSR – they implanted bugs and trained them to walk on certain trajectories.

Operation Northwoods . In 1962, the CIA devised a plan to carry out terrorist attacks against US citizens and shift responsibility for them to Cuba in order to get a reason to invade the country and curtail Fidel Castro’s communist regime. President John F. Kennedy rejected the plan.

The CIA was engaged in manipulating the minds of American citizens – in the 1950s, intelligence agencies wanted to develop methods to erase memory and alter personality.

The project ” MK Ultra “. The main goal was to improve interrogation methods. The experiments were conducted on citizens of the United States and Canada without their consent. Participants were found in medical centers, where they turned for help with neurosis, and pumped with chemicals or electroconvulsive therapy.

Operation Midnight Orgasm . In the 1950s, the CIA hired prostitutes who lured customers into specially equipped homes and suggested that they try LSD. Scientists observed the effect of drugs through a single-sided glass.

The experiments were conducted not only on humans, but also on animals.

In the 1960s, the CIA inserted electrodes into pleasure centers in the brains of dogs. The animals were “remotely controlled”, giving a dose of dopamine when the dog walked in the right direction. Scientists shocked the dog twice to stop it. After that, the dog spun until it found the right direction.

When the scientists were not around, the dogs were spinning endlessly in place in their cages in search of the right direction and a new dose of dopamine. After the experiment was closed, the animals were “destroyed.”

In the early 2000s, the CIA wanted to manipulate the creation of not the Americans, but the people of Central Asia in an attempt to set them up against al-Qaeda.

Plan ” Devil’s Eyes .” After the September 11 attacks, the CIA planned to create Osama bin Laden figures and distribute them to children in South Asia. If the toy was left in the sun, then her face fell off, and instead a “demonic appearance with red skin, green eyes and black scars” appeared. The goal was to intimidate children and their parents so that they refused to support bin Laden and al-Qaeda.

The CIA said they abandoned the program after creating three figures. An anonymous source told The Washington Post that a batch of hundreds of toys was shipped to Pakistan.

The CIA also acted not only directly, but also through other state bodies – the Ministry of Health and hospitals.

Project ” Sunshine “. In 1953, US authorities took the remains of dead babies from their parents in order to test the effects of radiation on them. Scientists collected parts of corpses in hospitals in Europe and sent them to the United States. One mother was forbidden to dress her stillborn daughter for a funeral because doctors cut off her legs and did not want her parents to find out.

The US Department of Health forcibly sterilized Native American women in the 1960s and 1970s. Women were tricked into undergoing operations – they were forced to sign consent forms and provided false information about sterilization.

As a result, doctors managed to sterilize from 25% to 50% of Native American women. Fertility fell three quarters. Black and poor women were also subjected to forced sterilization. A 12-year-old dark-skinned girl went to the hospital to cut out appendicitis, but was sterilized without even knowing about the operation.

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