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Russian distributor changed the dialogue in the Canadian film. The hero was named Hannibal Lecter, although this is not in the original

And the picture itself was translated as "The Game of Hannibal."

The Russian distributor rewrote the dialogues in the Canadian film Nomis by independent director David Raymond. The main character in the Russian version was named Hannibal Lecter, although the original name is Simon, and the film is in no way connected with the character of the novels of Thomas Harris. Film critic and director Roman Volobuev drew attention to the changes .

What a beauty. The Russian distributor bought such a stupid (but with a bunch of folk artists) Canadian Nomis debut about a split-personality killer, re-voiced it so that the second person began to be called, naturally, Hannibal Lecter, and released under the name “Hannibal’s Game” literally for movie distribution.Roman Volobuevfilm critic, screenwriter and director

The Russian distributor of the picture was the company Exponent, which constantly distorts the names in order to increase fees. Most often, the distributor tries to disguise the name as well-known paintings, with which the release is in no way associated. For example, the company produced the films My Monster Girl (Colossal), The Professor and the Madman, Destination: Smile (Polaroid), and The Breaking Bad (The professor).

According to Volobuev, “three transnational corporations” may sue “Exponent” due to changes in voice acting. At the same time, the Russian distributor was not the only one who changed the original name of the picture at the international box office. However, companies in other countries did not change the voice acting and chose amore neutral translation of Night Hunter (“Night Hunter”).

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