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Lukashenko harvested watermelons on a personal plot. He was helped only by girls, among whom his spokesperson

Girls take part in the harvest for three consecutive years, and in 2015 Stephen Seagal flew to see it.

Video “Belta”

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, together with his team, collected a crop of watermelons on a personal plot – 20 tons. This was reported by the local Belta agency.

Judging by the video published by the journalists , the policy was helped only by girls, among which his press secretary Natalya Eismont. The president has been growing watermelons for several years and traditionally gathers them with a team of assistants.

In 2018, the girls also helped the head of state to harvest potatoes. In 2017, Lukashenko collected harvest, together with his son, but they also help the girl. In 2016, actor Stephen Seagal flew to see how the president of Belarus collects watermelons . In 2015, actor Gerard Depardieu helped Lukashenko mow the grass.

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