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Kim Jong-un became the formal head of the DPRK. For this I had to change the constitution of the country

A formal status was given to him "by the unanimous will and aspiration of the entire Korean people."

Kim Jong-un, de facto leader of the DPRK after the death of his father, Kim Cher Il, became de jure head of state. For this, the deputies of the Supreme National Assembly (VNS) of North Korea made several amendments to the Constitution, the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea (CTAC) reports .

The amended constitution states that the head of state is now considered the chairman of the DPRK State Council. Kim Jong-un has been in this position since 2016. The formal head of state was considered to be the chairman of the Presidium of the ANS – since 2019, he has been Deputy Kim Jong-un in the State Council Choi Ryong He

It is legally attached that he [Kim Jong-un] is literally the highest leader of our party, state and armed forces, nominated by the unanimous will and aspiration of the entire Korean people.

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Before the changes, Kim Jong-un was called the “supreme leader who commands all the country’s military power” in the constitution of the DPRK, RBC recalls.

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