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For a long time, Russian cosmonauts could not turn on the Fedor robot. He earned when they were going to hit him with a hammer

It was possible to turn on the robot only from the tenth attempt.

Fyodor robot on the ISS with cosmonaut Alexei Ovchinin Twitter
 photo of the 
Fedor robot

The Russian cosmonauts on the ISS were not immediately able to turn on the Fedor robot. They were going to use force when the device worked after 10-15 attempts to turn it on. This follows from the negotiations of the astronauts, to which the RIA Novosti paid attention

Before turning on the robot installed in the Search module, the cosmonaut Alexander Skvortsov put on an exoskeleton in the Star module. However, after pressing the power button for a long time, nothing happened, so the astronauts began to think about the use of force.

Maybe hit it [the power button on the shoulder] with a hammer? I already took a wrench, I rest – no effect.

Alexey Ovchinin

Russian cosmonaut

At the Flight Control Center, the astronauts were advised to replace the Fedor’s batteries, but shortly afterwards the robot turned on.

I turned it on. Time ten-fifteen turned on and off. So he turned on and even said something.

Alexey Ovchinin

On Twitter, the Fedor robot spoke about the irony situation. According to him, he had to make “autostart” to avoid problems in communicating with the crew.

After turning on the Fedor, Skvortsov reported that he saw Ovchinin well through the robot control helmet and moved his fingers. The robot repeated its movements, and after that the astronauts carried out the planned tests: they checked how the Fedor handled a screwdriver, keys and electrical connectors.

The Soyuz MS-14 spacecraft with the Fedor robot was launched into orbit on August 22, but it could not dock to the ISS on the first try. The ship made a successful docking only five days later on August 27th.

Fyodor was transferred to the ISS on August 29, and launched four days after appearing at the station. According to the experiment program, the crew must check whether the robot can connect electrical connectors and use typical objects like a screwdriver. September 7, Soyuz MS-14 with Fedor is due to land in Kazakhstan.

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