Standard open source JavaScript library started showing ads in terminal

It is a popular developer tool for automatically fixing code.

In the terminal c of the Standard Library JS library , advertising banners appeared . The authors of the open source project introduced the first ad network for JavaScript libraries. The ZDNet website drew attention to the situation .

Developers noticed banner ads in late August. They appear when you install the library through the JavaScript npm package manager.

Advertising in Standard works through the Funding system , which was created by one of the authors of the library. It is an advertising network that allows companies to buy ads in the terminals of users of JavaScript libraries. As conceived by the authors, in this way the creators of opensource projects will be able to receive money without selling the developments themselves.

The appearance of advertising in Standard caused controversy among developers who used the library. Some people think that banners are a good way to get funds for opensource projects that are difficult to find financing, while others do not like to see ads in their terminals.

The fact is that developers [open source] today need money. Maybe there are better solutions, but adding advertising is a small price. Although I don’t really like to see ads in this place, I understand its necessity and fully support it.Vincent Weaversdeveloper from the Netherlands

My terminal is the last bastion, the only place in the world in which there is no endless advertising from corporations. I am categorically against this idea, since it fundamentally contradicts the fundamental principles of open source that we have been creating for decades.Vuk PetrovichUS developer

However, most of the negative comments about advertising in Standard turned out to be due to the fact that banners appear in the logs. Because of this, it becomes much harder for developers to look for bugs in the code.

I don’t want to see ads in my CI logs and I will hate [ads] if other libraries start doing the same. Some JS packages contain dozens, hundreds and even more dependencies, can you imagine if all the packages start doing this?
Robert Hefnerdeveloper from California

While advertising banners are shown only in the Standard library, but in ZDNet they believe that the Funding method will be in demand in other projects. In 2018, the OpenCollective project , similar to Funding , gained popularity .

Instead of placing banner ads, he added a call to the terminals to make a donation to the developers. It has been implemented by authors of many open source projects, including core.js, JSS, Nodemon, Styled Components, and Level.

Call for a donation using OpenCollective  ZDNet Screenshot

Some projects have already managed to add Funding and abandon it due to negativity from the community. Among them is the company Linode, which faced a large number of complaints and decided to remove the ads.

Funding also pushed some developers to create the world’s first ad-blocker for the command line interface. The no-cli-ads project was published on GitHub at the end of August 2019.

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