Reuters: Beijing forces Hong Kong authorities to pass extradition laws in defiance of protests. He was already declared “dead”

However, they did not directly speak about the complete withdrawal of the initiative.

The Chinese government is forcing Hong Kong’s head of administration, Carrie Lam, to continue to work on an extradition bill that has been protested since June. This Reuters reported three sources familiar with the negotiations.

Lam in early August reported on the riots in Hong Kong to the Chinese authorities and named the five demands put forward by protesters. Among them – the recall of the extradition bill, an independent investigation into the circumstances of the protests, democratic elections; the exclusion of the term “riot” in the description of shares and the removal of charges from those arrested during them.

The Hong Kong administration felt that satisfying the first two demands would reassure the protesters. However, Beijing insists that the authorities not execute any of them, and urges Lam to act more decisively with the protesters.

In July, Lam, referring to the townspeople, called the law “dead”, and the attempt to pass it was a failure. However, she did not say directly whether work on him would continue.

The law, which Hong Kong is protesting against, will allow local authorities to transfer prisoners and suspects to China. The first protests against the bill began on June 9.

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