In New Zealand, it was forbidden to swim with dolphins due to the excessive attention of tourists: it scared away mammals

The government is concerned that over the past 20 years the number of dolphins in the bay has decreased by 66%.

The authorities of New Zealand forbade tourists to swim with dolphins in the northern part of the island due to the fact that they are “too much loved.” According to the BBC, tourists show too much interest in mammals, which scares them away.

The Department of Nature Protection has conducted studies according to which since 1999 the number of dolphins returning to the bay has decreased by 66%. Now only 19 individuals sail regularly. In addition, in this bay, dolphin cub mortality is 75%. This is the highest rate, including wildlife and places where they are held in captivity.

A similar ban is planned to be introduced in Hawaii. There, officials emphasized that their law would not limit the desire of mammals to approach humans, because they are very social animals.

This is not the first time that authorities stand up for animals. Earlier, the Cambodian government announced the termination of tourist trips on elephants to the temple of Angkor Wat from the beginning of 2020. All 14 elephants that transport people will be sent to the center for nature conservation and animal breeding.

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