Yandex.Taxi and Russian Helicopters agree on the development of an air taxi network

The helicopter can be ordered using the application.

VRT500 Photo of  
Russian Helicopters

Yandex.Taxi and the Russian Helicopters holding signed an agreement to create an air taxi network as part of MAKS-2019. As explained by TJ representatives of Yandex, the company is the first in Russia to launch regular helicopter flights, available for order through the application on a smartphone.

For us, this project is a way to show the capabilities of the “smart” Yandex.Taxi algorithms that help a person to effectively manage their time, and the launch of regular helicopter flights will significantly reduce the cost of flight for each user.

Alexey Fedotov

Director for Strategic Partnerships, Yandex.Taxi

Yandex still does not talk about the cost of the flight, but they promise to bring it closer to the cost of a business class trip on a similar route: with a comparable price, the passenger can significantly save time. The company also expects to introduce in the future the possibility of dividing routes by mode of transport: at certain sections of the route it will be possible to use a helicopter, making regular flights, instead of a car.

The representative of “Russian Helicopters” said TASS that they intend to use the VRT500 model as an air taxi, a prototype of which was shown at the MAKS.

The fact that companies are discussing the possibility of connecting air transportation to the aggregator became known in May. Kommersant reported that at the first stage of the project it was assumed that Yandex.Taxi users would be able to order a helicopter from the Moscow Ring Road to Moscow Region, and then from the Garden Ring.

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