Urban Flying Opera: four drones first painted graffiti together

It took two shifts of six hours and 24 paint cylinders.

Four drones painted graffiti 10 by 15 meters in Italian Turin. The devices were controlled by a computer, they worked in automatic mode.

The initiator of the Urban Flying Opera (City Flying Opera) project was Carlo Ratti Assocaiti. Graffiti has become a collective drawing, which consisted of 100 best ideas and illustrations of users. In total, 1200 drafts were sent via the mobile application.

Drones painted graffiti in layers depending on color. In total, the project used paint of light gray, dark gray, turquoise and pink colors. The total length of the drawn lines was 620 meters.

The drawing system and drones for the project were provided by the Russian company Tsuru Robotics from Skolkovo. Engineers used technologies created for drone shows to control the group behavior of the devices and avoid collisions.

The company claims that after Turin they can use a “virtually unlimited number” of drones to draw graffiti. The Tsuru Robotics system plans drone trajectories in real time and takes into account the position of surrounding objects using a 3D map.

Carlo Ratti Assocaiti explained that with the help of Urban Flying Opera they wanted to show how technology can make cities more beautiful and creative. As planned by the company, drones accelerate the process of “storytelling.”

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