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Dodo Pizza has released a game like Flappy Bird in a mask for Instagram. To win, you need to “yell”


Dodo Pizza launched a game like Flappy Bird in a mask for Instagram. Users need to get around obstacles by controlling the mascot of the brand with a “scream.” This was told by company representatives.

To control the dodo-bird it is not necessary to scream for real – just open your mouth, and the mask itself will add a random “scream” effect. Depending on the degree of “openness” of the mouth, the bird will fly higher or lower. For successfully overcoming one obstacle, users receive one point.

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Орем за пиццу 😱 Мы запустили реально орную маску в сторис, которая уже доступна для всех в разделе маски или по ссылке в био. Ежедневно мы будем вручать пиццу нашим подписчикам за: – самый высокий результат – самую креативную сторис, например, сыграть в необычном месте с реальным криком Обязательно отмечайте в сторис наш аккаунт, а то мы не увидим вас! Подписывайтесь, играйте, орите, набирайте как можно больше очков и получайте пиццу. Да будет ор!😱😱😱 #додопицца #dodopizza Играем до конца лета!

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Representatives of Pizza Dodo explained that the game was launched due to a new wave of interest in masks, which began when Facebook allowed all users to create masks for Instagram.

In “Dodo” claim that this is the first mask for Instagram of this kind. Instafilter company was engaged in its development, which in December 2018 launched a filter with a dancing Dodo bird.

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