The SpaceX prototype for interplanetary travel has passed the “jumping” test. He climbed 150 meters and sat down

This is the second successful test of the ship in flight.

The prototype of the SpaceX Starship, nicknamed Starhopper, successfully passed the flight test “jump” in southern Texas. He rose to a height of 150 meters, hovered in the air and gently landed.

The StarXper was powered by the new-generation Spacetor Raptor engine, which they plan to use for interplanetary flights. So far, the prototype has used only one engine, but in the next tests the company will add a few more Raptor.

The tested Starhopper will turn into a test bench for engines. At the same time, SpaceX is simultaneously building two other prototypes of the Starship: one in Texas and the other in Florida.

They will be equipped with three Raptor engines, steering wheels and improved landing gear. Prototypes are developed by two teams that use different approaches. After testing SpaceX will take the best from everyone to develop Starship.

The first Starhopper flight took place on July 25th. Then the prototype took to the air only 18 meters. Two new samples will pass a series of tests, during which they must rise to a height of 20 kilometers .

At Starhopper, SpaceX tested technology for the Starship, which is also intended for interplanetary travel. As conceived by Elon Musk, a 55-meter ship will take off from Earth using the giant Super Heavy accelerator and land on other planets vertically like other SpaceX rockets.

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