“Ural Airlines” released T-shirts with the phrase cabin crew landed in a corn field plane

Earlier, T-shirts with a similar inscription began selling the RT channel.

Image of Ural Airlines

Ural Airlines launched a T-shirt with the phrase cabin crewman Dmitry Ivlitsky, which he said after an emergency landing on an corn field. The company told about this on Instagram.

T-shirts went on sale in a limited edition, the cost of one is 700 rubles. The phrase “We go to the right, in the sun, along the rows of corn” in the airline was called winged.

To the first one to order, we will also send an ear of corn from the very field where our Airbus A321 landed.Ural Airlines

T-shirts with a similar inscription five days ago began to sell the RT channel. The cost of one is 1190 rubles, they promised to send all the proceeds from the sale to the people whom the channel writes about in its project “We Will Continue to Act.”

RT snapshot

On August 15, a Ural Airlines plane flying from Moscow to Simferopol made an emergency landing on a corn field in the Moscow Region. On board were 234 people. The reason was the ingress of several gulls into the engine, one of which caught fire. All survived. Vladimir Putin awarded both pilots – Damir Yusupov and Georgy Murzin – the titles of Heroes of Russia.

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