The Canadian company has built the first underground energy production system that can be placed “even in the backyard”

It allows you to receive electricity from the bowels of the Earth without harmful emissions and water.

Eavor Technologies built the Eavor Loop geothermal system in Alberta, Canada. The company claims that this is the first development of this type, which can be placed “almost anywhere.”

These are not windmills or solar panels. Almost everything is underground, so you can literally place [the system] on someone in the backyard.

John Redfern

CEO Eavor

For Eavor Loop, the company drills two wells 2.5 kilometers deep, and then connects them underground. A liquid with a special composition is launched through the pipes, which “collects” heat and raises it to the surface. After that, thermal energy is converted into electricity.

Eavor claims that their system does not emit carbon dioxide and does not consume water. The pilot project cost $ 10 million, but it is unclear how much energy it can generate.

According to John Redfern, head of Eavor, unlike other systems, the company has created a closed loop. He noted that Eavor Loop could be implemented in 80% of places in the world instead of 5% of places, as in the case of traditional geothermal energy. After the completion of the pilot project at the end of 2019, the company intends to sell several dozen systems in Canada and begin global expansion.

Geothermal energy is the natural heat emanating from the earth’s core. Unlike solar panels and wind generators, geothermal power plants allow you to receive energy constantly, regardless of the weather.

The first geothermal generator was built in 1904 in the Italian city of Larderello. As of 2007, four geothermal power plants were operating in Russia, three of which are located in Kamchatka, and the fourth – in the Kuril Islands.

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