Sheremetyevo proposed to reduce the number of voice messages to reduce stress among passengers

The airport may stop voicing information that does not apply to departure and arrival of flights.

The International Airport Association (IAA) has sent a proposal to the Ministry of Transport to launch the Quiet Airport project in Moscow Sheremetyevo. This was reported by the Izvestia newspaper, the air harbor confirmed its participation in the project.

This is our initiative. The leadership of Sheremetyevo previously contacted the Ministry of Transport. The project will provide the most comfortable acoustic conditions for passengers at the airport.

representative of Sheremetyevo

The concept implies a reduction in the number of voice messages and the announcement of only information related to the arrival and departure of flights. Messages about how to get to the nearest settlement and the rules of conduct at the airport offered to broadcast only on electronic displays.

They plan to implement the pilot project in 2019, and if successful, they will begin to introduce innovations at other airports in 2020. The initiative has already been supported in Domodedovo, calling it relevant to the practices of world airports.

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