Reuters: Russia plans to acquire 360,000 Huawei tablets with the domestic Aurora OS

Devices will be used for the census in 2020.

The Russian authorities are negotiating with Huawei to purchase 360 ​​thousand tablets with the Aurora pre-installed domestic operating system. This Reuters reported two sources aware of the negotiations.

It is assumed that the tablets will be purchased by Rostelecom, which owns Aurora. The devices will be used for the census, which will be held in October 2020.

According to sources, the project is a test in nature to verify the compatibility of the Russian OS with other people’s devices. One of the sources stressed that Huawei was interested in possible cooperation and has already shown samples of tablets.

Representatives of Rostelecom indicated that the supplier will be determined in the fall of 2019.

With the participation of the RF Ministry of Communications, issues of interaction between Huawei and Rostelecom, as the owner of the only domestic mobile operating system Aurora, are being discussed. Various options for collaboration are currently being considered. Details are not disclosed, there is an agreement on confidentiality.


On June 21, Deputy Communications Minister Mikhail Mamonov said that the agency plans to negotiate with Huawei on possible cooperation. It is assumed that the Chinese manufacturer will become one of the suppliers of various devices based on the Aurora. Mamonov noted that the Ministry of Communications is developing a comprehensive cooperation agreement with several Chinese high-tech companies.

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