The media learned about Trump’s idea to deal with hurricanes with nuclear bombs. White House briefing attendees shocked

“What the [garbage]? What are we going to do with this? ”- quote from one of the members of that meeting.

Photo by Olivier Dowliri, AFP

US President Donald Trump several times invited members of the National Security Council to study the idea of ​​combating hurricanes with nuclear bombs. This was told by Axios.

According to the interlocutor of journalists, the idea of ​​trump amazed those present, but they promised to think about its implementation. “After the meeting ended, we thought:“ What the [garbage]? What will we do with this? “”, – said the source from a private meeting. Axios sources note that Trump’s idea has not been continued.

Why don’t we destroy the hurricanes? They begin to form off the coast of Africa, when they move across the Atlantic, we drop a bomb at the epicenter of a hurricane, and it destroys it. Why can’t we do that?

Trump quote by Axios

Trump also raised this idea in 2017, this follows from a note by the US National Security Council, but then the American leader did not use the word “nuclear”. The same was proposed during the Eisenhower Presidency in the 1950s.

The White House official said that Trump’s idea is not a cause for alarm, the goal of the US president is “not to allow a catastrophic hurricane to hit the mainland.”

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