The Soyuz spacecraft with the Fyodor robot on board could not dock to the ISS

Journalists were asked to leave the Flight Control Center - the state commission began a discussion of what to do next.

The Soyuz MS-14 transport spacecraft was unable to dock with the International Space Station (ISS) at the scheduled time. On board the ship were transported , including the Russian anthropomorphic robot Fedor.

An Interfax correspondent who was present at the Mission Control Center noted that by the time of the docking (8:30 Moscow time), the Soyuz was still 100 meters from the station. The docking was supposed to be carried out by the automatic system “Course”, but she was not able to stabilize the ship.

The ship stopped approaching at a time when only 60 meters remained to the ISS. After that, the Soyuz moved to a distance of 300 meters in anticipation of the following actions.

The State Commission immediately began a meeting on further actions at the Mission Control Center (MCC). At the same time, journalists were asked to leave the room. The ship may repeat docking on August 26.

Before sending the robot, Fedor got a Twitter account where he reported on how the flight was going. The last time he published messages 153 meters before the ISS.

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