The producer of the film “Wii” demands to recover from Jackie Chan, Arnold Schwarzenegger and China Film Group 216 million rubles

The media said that before in Russia, stars of this magnitude were not attracted to court proceedings in Russia.

The bankruptcy manager of the Russian Film Group (RFG) demands to recover 216.6 million rubles from the actors Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger, as well as the Chinese China Film Group. This was told by Vedomosti.

The group funded the film “The Secret of the Dragon Seal”, but supposedly cannot get any income from it. China Film Group is a co-producer of the film, while Chan and Schwarzenegger played episodic roles in the film. Why the lawsuits were filed against these actors, the manager did not specify. But he believes that attracting stars and foreign investors to court proceedings could negatively affect the business reputation of the producers of the two paintings.

“The Secret of the Seal of the Dragon” – a continuation of “Wii 3D”, which was shot by Germany. At Viy, the group received a subsidy from the Film Fund and raised funds from investors. The RFG was also involved in the production of the new film, but in 2015 transferred the rights to the film to another legal entity, having already spent more than 200 million rubles on the film.

In 2017, the RFG was declared bankrupt and the bankruptcy manager wants to invalidate the transfer of rights and return the funds. He believes that the potential success of The Secret of the Dragon Seal is impossible without the success of Wii, as it is its scenario and logical continuation. To create the second film, RFG funds were used, they must be returned to creditors, the manager claims.

The producer of the picture, Alexei Petrukhin, called these requirements “completely empty” and unpromising. He said that the 200 million rubles originally spent on the picture were funds from the Cinema Fund, not the company’s own money, not the money of private investors and not the income from the first “Viy”. “So the creditors of the RFG, as well as Chinese investors and especially the actors, have nothing to do with them,” Petrukhin said.

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