Reddit removed the thread from the photo of the dispersal of the 1989 uprising in China. Users complain about censorship

They associate censorship with Chinese influence - Tencent previously invested in Reddit.

On sredreddite r / pics published a photo taken after the shooting of the rebels in Tiananmen Square in 1989. Soon, the moderators deleted the thread – you can get to it only through a direct link.

The consequences of the suppression of the uprising in Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989 

On August 21, r / pics moderators hid the post from the section, removed the picture, closed the thread and deleted most of the comments, where emigrants from China shared stories about the events of 1989.

On August 22, users created a discussion in which they complained about censorship, arbitrariness of moderators and bans for comments about Chinese influence. Some felt that the post was deleted because the moderators “just didn’t like it”, while others decided that this was due to the influence of the Chinese company Tencent on Reddit. Soon, r / pics administrators returned the photo to a subreddit with the signature “censorship is bad,” but closed the comment in it.

“Let’s not let China censor Reddit” r / worldpolitics

In February, Reddit attracted the investment of technology giant Tencent, owner of WeChat and League of Legends. Even then, users were afraid of censorship and in protest published banned memes in China.

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