In the United States began selling T-shirts with Greenland as part of States

The GOP is giving them away for donations of $ 25 or more to support Trump’s idea of ​​“making America even bigger.”

The National Republican Party Committee (NRCC) has launched U.S. map shirts that already include Greenland. This was reported on the committee website.

Support President Trump and his efforts to make America even bigger! Donate $ 25 or more and we will send you our new T-shirt, which came out in a limited edition!

Republican National Committee

On August 16, WSJ announced Trump’s desire to buy Greenland. The US President allegedly asked a lawyer to study the possibility of a deal. Two days later, Trump confirmed his interest in buying Greenland, the Danish Prime Minister called this idea absurd.

Four days later, Trump canceled his visit to Denmark due to the lack of interest of their prime minister to discuss the purchase by the States of Greenland. On August 21, The Washington Post said the Trump administration wanted to offer $ 600 million a year for Greenland.

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