Titanium Apple Card requires gentle care and does not tolerate aggressive skin contact

The Apple Card has already been launched in the United States , and the company has launched a Q & A section regarding the use of the physical version of the virtual card. It turned out that it requires careful care and can spoil the coating applied to the surface. Care for the titanium Apple Card is dedicated to a separate page on the Apple website.

To wipe the card, you need to use soft microfiber, slightly moistened in a special cleaning fluid containing isopropyl alcohol. Glass detergents and other household cleaners are not suitable, like leather or denim. Their use can lead to permanent loss of color of the coating. Other fabrics can also harm the Apple Card.

You can store the titanium Apple Card anywhere, but contact with the card is only possible with soft materials. In the wallet, you need to select a separate pocket for it, otherwise the Apple card will be scratched.

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