The russian Internet Development Institute has proposed the inclusion of Dota 2, Hearthstone, and World of Tanks classes in the school curriculum

The latter, according to the organization, develops reaction speed and strategic thinking.

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The Internet Development Institute (IRI), together with the Russian Computer Sports Federation, has compiled a list of e-sports disciplines that can be included in the school curriculum. This was told by RBC.

The proposal was sent to the Ministry of Education, it indicated that most of the games are universally recognized e-sports disciplines, in which major international championships are held. At the same time, the list contains games that are not related to eSports – Minecraft and CodinGame.

The Internet Development Institute believes that Minecraft develops creativity and abstract thinking, FIFA 19 – logic, and Dota 2 and World of Tanks – strategic thinking and reaction speed.

These should be classes filled with meaning, allowing to develop the skills necessary in a future adult life – strategic and logical thinking, the ability to make quick decisions, teamwork.
Sergey Petrov

Director General of the Internet Development Institute

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