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The British television channel will remove a documentary series about Putin, who decided to “make Russia great again “

It will tell how Putin’s personal experience and intelligence work affected his presidency.

The fourth channel of British television (Channel 4) announced the filming of a documentary series about Vladimir Putin. The picture will be called “Putin: the history of the Russian spy,” the air date has not yet been announced , according to the channel’s website.

James Rogan, executive producer of the film, said the film will show how the former spy transformed politics, and how it affected the world.

He survived three American presidents and four British prime ministers. His political game is admired by Donald Trump, Rodrigo Duterte and Muhammad ibn Salman Al Saud, which makes Putin perhaps the most influential leader of his time.

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The series will also tell how modern Russia was created through a keen sense of betrayal, pride and anger, and how Putin’s values ​​were exported around the world – from Crimea to Salisbury to Washington.

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