The American astronaut does not believe in the effectiveness of the robot “cosmonaut” Fedor

“Robots are not people. They can perform some tasks, but they can never replace human nature, ”commented former NASA astronaut Scott Kelly , who commented on sending the Russian robot Fedor to the ISS. According to RIA Novosti, Kelly noted that in general robots can be useful in orbit, “if they work,” and ideally they will make life easier for the crew.

Kelly added that he did not know when NASA would send a new humanoid robot into space (Robonaut-2 flew to the ISS in 2011), but he did not rule out the possibility that robots from different countries would meet and work together there one day.

On the eve of the robot Fedor told on his Instagram about the ability to lift 50 kg of cargo with one hand, according to Izvestia.

“Sometimes they ask me how strong I am? Well … there are robots and stronger. And there are weaker ones: with one hand I can lift 50 kg, ”it is written on behalf of the humanoid Fedor.

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