IPhone 7 electromagnetic radiation exceeds safe limits

Journalists of The Chicago Tribune  conducted tests of 11 smartphones, measuring the level of electromagnetic radiation from them at a distance of 2 mm or more. The first distance is selected from the calculation of the impact of the device on the human body when the device is in the pants pocket. The reference point was the FCC standard.

The Chicago Tribune attracted the most attention from Apple smartphones, which were the most tested in the tests. The results surprised the reporters. They note that the norms of the level of electromagnetic radiation of mobile phones were determined in the 90s and the parameters were taken at a distance of 25 mm – it was assumed that the phone was hanging on a belt.

In addition, now, to pass the tests, it is enough to send the only smartphone to the laboratory selected by the manufacturer, after which it is possible to arrange the release of mobile phones.

In tests, many Apple smartphones showed the level of electromagnetic radiation above the “safe norm”, however, the Samsung Galaxy S8 was the “winner” with the largest excess.

Apple said the tests could not be accepted as reliable, declining to comment on them. Samsung said that all sold smartphones meet FCC standards. However, based on the material from The Chicago Tribune, the US Federal Communications Commission will investigate.

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