“Kinopoisk” launched an interactive author’s comic strip for “Stories” on Instagram

Subscribers of the service will be able to influence some plot moves, and the most active ones will fall into the comic.

Kinopoisk released the first series of the author’s comic strip, which is inspired by the Pennyworth series about Batman’s butler. “Dead Man in a Bird’s House” will be published in Instagram Stories every two days, and subscribers will be able to influence his plot twists by voting. This was told by TJ representatives of Kinopoisk.

The main character of “Dead Man in a Bird’s House” was a detective who, at the request of a friend, is investigating the mysterious death of a wealthy lord in England. According to the plot of the comic, the police closes the case, but the hero begins his own investigation.

In “Kinopoisk” said that the story will consist of five parts and come out every two days. At the end of each issue, subscribers to the Instagram service will be able to choose where the plot will develop further. Already released issues will be saved in the “Current” section.

The most attentive readers who complete all the tasks in the contests will be able to become part of the next issues of the comic. After the release of all parts, Kinopoisk will release a printed version in color and a limited edition. It will be presented to the winners of the contests and “the biggest lovers of comics.”

Beata Kotashevskaya, known for her work on translating the comics X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, Loki and others, performed the script for Dead Man in a Bird’s House, and the comic strip Evgeny Frantsev, among which the Frontier and the Falcon from Bubble

The Pennyworth series tells the story of Batman Alfred’s butler. According to the plot of the show, he is engaged in private investigation in England of the 60s. In Russia, Pennyworth came out exclusively on Kinopoisk on July 30th.

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