Trump has confirmed his interest in buying Greenland. Danish Prime Minister calls this idea absurd

According to the US president, Denmark annually loses $ 700 million from this island.

Photo: Lucas Jackson, Reuters

The US President confirmed that he was interested in the possibility of acquiring Greenland. He called this purchase strategically good for the States. He spoke about this in an interview with CBS.

Trump said that this issue is of low priority. “At its core, this is a major real estate acquisition deal,” the American leader added. He estimates that Denmark loses nearly $ 700 million annually from this island.

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said the island is not for sale and she hopes that the idea of ​​an American leader is a joke.

Greenland is not Danish. Greenland Greenland. I really hope that all this is not serious.

Mette Frederiksen

prime minister of Denmark

On August 16, The Wall Street Journal reported that Donald Trump has repeatedly asked his aides whether the States should try to buy Greenland. The US President allegedly asked a lawyer to study the possibility of a deal.

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