US authorities renewed Huawei’s provisional license. it will be able to work with American companies until November

During this period, Huawei may purchase accessories for devices in the normal mode.

The U.S. government renewed Huawei’s provisional license for 90 days until November 2019. The authorities explained that consumers are still too dependent on a Chinese company and they need more time to change equipment. This was reported by Reuters with reference to US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross.

We urge consumers to abandon Huawei devices, but we understand that they need more time to avoid disruptions.Wilbur RossUS Secretary of Commerce

Along with the extension of the provisional license, US authorities added 46 Huawei subsidiaries to the black list. Among them are branches of the company in Argentina, Australia, Belarus, China, Costa Rica, France, India, Italy, Mexico and not only. Thus, the total number of blacklisted companies associated with Huawei has exceeded one hundred.

If the restrictions come into force, subsidiaries will not be able to work with American companies, as well as the parent branch. However, until November 18, 2019, a Chinese company may receive components from American companies, support telecommunication equipment and issue updates for Android devices.

At the same time, Huawei and its suppliers will have to draw up additional documents for cooperation under a temporary license. The authorities have already received about 50 applications for processing such papers.

In May 2019, the U.S. Department of Commerce put Huawei on the black list – companies banned access to the purchase of goods and technologies from American companies. After that , American companies began to break off relations with the company, because of which it may lose Android support , its own processors and the ability to install microSD cards.

US authorities almost immediately granted Huawei a temporary license to work in the country to facilitate the transition of local businesses and consumers to other equipment. The company then said that they were ready for such a scenario.

In June, Huawei CEO Ren Genfeuil said the Chinese company lowered its $ 30 billion revenue forecast for the next two years due to US restrictions. According to him, there will be no winners in the conflict.

At the end of June, it became known that US companies continued to cooperate with Huawei despite the ban. After that, Trump officially authorized such transactions, if they do not threaten national security.

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