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The explosion at a wedding in Kabul killed more than 60 people. Afghan Interior Ministry announces suicide bombing

Authorities blame the Taliban, but the group denies any involvement.

Hotel after the explosion Photo Reuters

At a wedding in a hotel in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, an explosion occurred in which 63 people were killed and 182 people were injured, the Afghan Interior Ministry said .

The explosion occurred at 22:40 local time in a banquet hall in a hotel in western Kabul. Edition Tolo News reported that at these weddings are present for at least 400 guests, but, presumably, at the celebration were about 1.5 thousand people. Men at such events are separate from women and children.

Among the victims of the explosion, there are entire families. In Kabul, the funeral of some of the victims has already begun.

The Interior Ministry of Afghanistan said that a terrorist entered the wedding and blew up charges. However, no terrorist group has yet taken responsibility for what happened.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani noted that the Taliban movement banned in Russia “will not be able to absolve itself of blame” for what happened. The Taliban denied any involvement in the blast.

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