Public: Bestiary 5+

Virtual Museum of Children's Fine Arts.

In 2017, the Bestiary 5+ public appeared on VKontakte , dedicated to children’s works of art. In the community, an art teacher collects ceramics and drawings with paintings by students. Mysterious animals, surreal portraits and visualizations of abstract concepts fall into the visual museum.

The creator of the public, artist and teacher of fine arts and ceramics, Andrei Petrov, told that he had created a community after he began to photograph the work of students. Often he came across “something completely extraordinary” – he didn’t want to forget and save this: “One girl always sculpted ducks, only ducks. Ducks are on every topic. And it was from her work that our public began to exist. The only time she blinded is not a duck and gave me her work for the New Year. It was a Christmas toy “Pirate”. “

Maryana, 6 years old, “Pirate”, clay, glaze, 2017

Andrei called the community “Bestiary,” because he thought he would only spread the animals that children sculpt and draw most often: “Everyone is fond of animals. Many have pets, some grandparents live in villages where there are even more animals. Children generally get to know the world through animals. The main characters of fairy tales are animals, cartoons – animals, on clothes – animals. And yet, as the children say, the cats are cute. ”

Kira, 6 years old, “Cats”

The author of the public considers children’s creativity to be art and is inspired by him in his works : “Over time, I realized that children unconsciously make an imaginary museum. Not knowing the history of art, they create works that, as if with a foundation, pretend to rethink existing masterpieces. That is, they are doing the same thing that great artists have done for centuries. ”

Andrei himself is raising a son who has been painting since three months. He already has a public devoted to his work: “From time to time I make reposts from his community in“ Bestiary ”. It’s not necessary that he connect his fate with art, but if he suddenly becomes an adult artist, then, probably, he will be pleased to remember how it all began. ”

The creator of the community plans to develop his virtual museum – he is already selecting works for the future exhibition, and also plans to make merchandise and zines. Representatives of VKontakte told that the public once received the Prometheus mark, which brought the community almost 1.5% of the audience.

Mira, 6 years old, “Dream”, clay, 2017

Yura, 6 years old, “Computer”, clay, glaze, 2017

years old, “As if I was swimming in the sea with a dolphin when I went to my grandmother”, clay, glaze, 2017

Maryana, 6 years old, “Butterfly”, clay, glaze, 2016

Maxim, 8 years old, “Zabivaki Mask”, clay, 2018

Kolya, 7 years old, “Buryat”, clay, glaze, 2017

Emilia, 9 years old, “Head”

years old, “Someone is eating someone”

Mythodius, 9 years old, “Crucifixion”

Bogdan, 11 years old, “Just a Head”, clay, 2018


Katya, 8 years old, “Mouse”

Mira, 6 years old, “Centaur”, clay, 2017

Polina, 12 years old, “Jaw”, clay, engobes, frosting 2017

Sonya, 4 years old, “Spider”

years, Someone’s Bust, clay, acrylic, 2018

Kira, 6 years old, “Thimble-Pig”

Emilia, 9 years old, “The head of some animal”

Petya, 7 years old, “Fried Eggs”

years old, Golden Cat

Ulyana, 6 years old, “Elephant”, clay, glaze, 2016

Katya, 6 years old, “Bull”

Nastya, 11 years old, “Bust of a Girl”

Maxim, 7 years old, “Maneki-neko”, clay, engobe, glaze, 2017

years old, “Statue of Liberty”

Lesha, 7 years old, “Window”

Vika, 8 years old, “Dad”

Petya, 7 years old, “Tourist bus in Vietnam”

Mark, 8 years old, “Reptile Sunshine”

Cyril, 7 years old, “St. Sebastian”

Nikita, 10 years old, “Vase-diplodocus”, clay, engobe, glaze, 2016

Milan, 8 years old, “Mask with a beard”

Radomir, 4 years old, “The mask of the fox”

Sonya, 7 years old, “Mom”

Jura, 6 years old, Amur Tiger, clay, glaze, 2016

Masha, 7 years old, “Pig”, clay, acrylic, 2016

Fedya, 6 years old, “Giraffe”, clay, milk, 2016

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