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“He stole a fish from his girlfriend”: the best and worst penguin of the month are regularly selected in the New Zealand aquarium

And most importantly - this is an honor board with explanations.

“Mr. Mack steals fish from his girlfriend, even though she’s almost completely blind // Dora volunteered to be weighed” Photo from New Zealand National Aquarium

The National Aquarium of New Zealand monthly selects the most obedient and most naughty penguin. Photos of especially marked birds are hung on a special stand, pictures of which are published on Facebook .

The most curious thing on the boards is the reasons why penguins are praised or publicly “lectured”. They were noticed by Bored Panda, they also noticed this on the Russian-language Twitter. Penguins, among other things, stand up for other penguins, adopt good and bad habits, scoff at relatives or help them, take away other partners or fight.

“Mocking other penguins, chasing them at a feeding station” // “She rises and comes to feed” (apparently, this is not easy for her)

“He didn’t swim enough and stayed in bed until feeding” // “He behaved well during feeding and did not throw sand at the aquarium caretakers”

“Too fast during feeding” // “Cheered up her boyfriend during swimming (he is a little lazy)”

“He acted like Casanova. 
He tried to take away other girls ”// //“ She herself came to the feeding station without help ”

“Behave impatiently while feeding” // “He hatched eggs to give his girlfriend the opportunity to swim well”

“I tried to steal one of Mo’s girls” // “Elmo helped with the obligations to incubate eggs”

“He stole the fish and threw it in the sand” // “He diligently hatched eggs”

“Learned bad habits from Mo. 
Pecked other penguins in the face during feeding ”//“ Interceded for Timmy when Tux tried to push him from the pier ”

“Timmy pushed from the pier after an hour to get there” // “Shouted to his blind girl to help her get to the hole”

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