WSJ announced Trump’s desire to buy Greenland. The US President allegedly asked a lawyer to study the possibility of a deal

Some Trump advisers called the idea economically feasible, others said that it was a “fleeting craze” that never comes true.

Photo: Lucas Jackson, Reuters

US President Donald Trump has repeatedly asked his aides whether the States should try to buy Greenland, the largest island that is part of Denmark. This was reported by The Wall Street Journal.

According to journalists, some of Trump’s advisers supported the idea, while others called it a fleeting hobby that never gets realized. The interlocutors of the publication noted that it is not yet clear how seriously Trump takes this idea.

During meetings, dinners and just in passing conversations, Trump asked advisers if the United States could buy Greenland, and listened with interest to how they spoke about its rich resources and the geopolitical significance of the island.

The Wall Street Journal publication

Journalists said Trump’s advisers were discussing whether the United States, through the acquisition of Greenland, could “expand its military presence in the Arctic.” In 2018, the US president said that Denmark is experiencing financial difficulties due to the fact that it includes Greenland, so he suggested considering the possibility of a deal. The interlocutors of the publication argue that the purchase of Greenland would be “Trump’s legacy.”

The United States has already tried to buy Greenland – in 1946, American leader Harry Truman offered Denmark $ 100 million for this island, but the deal did not take place.

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