Protesters in Hong Kong called for a boycott of the Mulan remake: his main actress supported the security forces

The actress defended a journalist beaten at the airport.

Liu Yifei (left) Photo by Aly Song, Reuters

Actress Liu Yifei, who will play a major role in the 2020 Mulan remake, has supported the Hong Kong security forces in the fight against protests. The actress posted the corresponding statement on social networks.

Yifei published one of the photos of People’s Daily, saying that she “supports the Hong Kong police and now anyone can beat her.” She reacted so much to the beating of Chinese journalist Fu Guo, who was harassed by demonstrators for several hours for a similar statement.

After the statement of the actress, she was accused of supporting police brutality and offered to boycott the upcoming remake of Mulan. Within a few hours, more than 37,000 tweets with the hashtag “BoycottMulan” have been tweeted.

Since the beginning of June , mass protests against legislative amendments have begun in Hong Kong , which will allow authorities to transfer prisoners and crime suspects to China, Macau and Taiwan. Due to protests, the administration suspended the consideration of the bill.

On August 13, protesters filled the airport building. According to The Guardian, protesters have come to it for several days in a row. Because of this, a number of flights were canceled. During the protest, the demonstrators took hostage Chinese journalist Fu Guo. He stated that he supported the work of the police, after which he was tied up and beaten for several hours in a row. Protesters blinded him with flashes of light until he passed out. The police could only release him after a few hours.

American journalist from Deutsche Welle Melissa Chen told EA Daily that such actions should not be regarded as an attack on a journalist because he works in state-run media.

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