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Person on Instagram: Neuro Elon Musk and “thoughtful” quotes

An enthusiast trained a neural network to replace the model’s face with Elon Musk and generate signatures for Instagram posts.


In the Russian Instagram, the Elon Neuro TP account is gaining popularity , the author of which trained the neural network to generate “thoughtful” quotes and combine photos of female bloggers with the face of Elon Musk.

In an interview with , the creator of the account, Andrei, said that at first he wanted to generate one image from several photos of bloggers, but the neural network gave out “too abstract daub.” Then he decided to put on the photo of a random girl the face of Elon Musk: “It laid down almost perfectly.” Soon, the author of the account found that the face of the CEO of Space X is suitable for almost any photo.

On August 11, Andrei published a nameless girl with Mask’s face so far — subscribers liked her, and they suggested “calling Cyberwoman Elon”.

Andrei said that he had been working on neural networks for about a year and a half, but his main work was not connected with them in any way. He compiled the algorithm on the basis of ready-made libraries, and trained neural networks on “thoughtful” posts and photos of bloggers and Mask: “We need minimal programming knowledge to put the libraries together and make them work.”

Asked why photos are so good, Andrei replied that replacing faces was already too easy for neural networks: “For example, DeepFake does a great job of replacing faces with video. And here is just a photo. ”

However, Andrey maintains the account manually – the neural network generates five photos and five descriptions for the photos, from which the author selects the best and compiles the publication. He does not plan to create a generator for creating custom Elon, since he believes that there are already enough such services on the Internet: “For example, Reflect . It does an excellent job. ”

In addition to Neuro Elon, ​​Andrey also runs the Old Putin Telegram channel – it generates averaged posts based on the speeches of Vladimir Putin and quotes from the Old Testament.

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