Monsters and technology: 3D graphics specialist from Samara creates a video about monsters and technology of the future

The author imagines that his hometown is teeming with huge snakes, giant spiders and underground worms.

Dmitry Kataev

A video has gained popularity in the media and social networks in which the porch of a high-rise building raises a resident to the fifth floor before he manages to enter the entrance. Its author runs a YouTube channel where he publishes videos about Samara with complex editing and 3D effects.  talked with video creator Dmitry Kataev.

Dmitry said that for more than 20 years he has been fond of 3D graphics. However, this is more of a hobby, because at work he is engaged in the production of video advertising: “But I realize the ideas that come to my mind, no one rushes me in this regard, I do not stand above the soul. I like the result. ”

In the video about the “unusual entrance”, the author realized the idea of ​​combining high technologies and simple mechanisms: “The idea was to show how a lot of interesting things are thought up in our country, but sometimes people don’t think about the consequences. And after that, many questions remain. ”

(Not) regular porch in Samara

In 2018, the video “Very Pretty Zoom” was distributed in social networks. Dmitry came up with a plot for him when he looked at reviews of video cameras with powerful lenses: “The video shows an optical magnification of 5,000 times. Now, as far as I know, there are no such cameras. But who knows, maybe in the near future such a video will be possible to shoot without using computer graphics? ”

Very good zoom

In his videos, Dmitry often touches on futuristic topics, adding video portals to the street, moving along walls or intangible objects.

I am going for a walk

Passing through objects and liquids

Interdimensional portal in my bathroom

But most of the video Dmitry created about the Samara monsters – he got a whole series about huge spiders, stick insects, snakes and worms moving around the city. The author notes that initially she did not plan it: “I made the first video with a giant stickman crawling along the wall of the house purely for entertainment. It was about four in the morning, I could not sleep, I got up, went to the window and looked at the courtyard. The idea came to my mind that now, when everyone is sleeping, some mysterious creature might just come out. ”

Dmitry edited the video in four days, but he didn’t count on such popularity – by the time this article was written, the video had 3 million views. Then he came up with the idea to create a sequel – about spiders living under the bridge.

Something creeps on the walls of houses in Samara

Giant spider lives under the old bridge in Samara

An unknown creature eats the roads of Samara

A creepy creature with red eyes climbs the balconies of Samara

The monster attacked me on Kuibyshev Square

A giant snake crawls on the roof in Samara

The author has suspended the topic with the Samara monsters, and in the last video about the New Year he collected all the creatures. Dmitry emphasizes that “he was not fixated on monsters, but simply developed a theme.”

Samara monsters help prepare for the New Year

The penultimate video on the channel about Defender of the Fatherland Day was created in stop-motion: “Until February 23, there was little time left, and, having no experience in such an animation, I concentrated my forces on its creation.” Although the author did not manage to finish the video by March 8, he plans to lay out stop-motion greetings for every major holiday of the year.

Stop-motion by February 23

Dmitry explains that videos rarely come out, because he is very busy at work. Nevertheless, the author plans to develop the channel and upload more instructional videos. Now he is busy with a project about creating his videos, which is being prepared for release in September.

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