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Fake: Tweet from the Smart Fridge

There was a fake in the media about a teenage girl who allegedly began tweeting with the Nintendo 3DS, Wii U and LG refrigerator after her phone was taken away.

In the media and social networks, a user’s allegedly published using a “smart” fridge tweeted a user who pretends to be a teenage girl named Dorothy. BuzzFeed News found that the whole story is fake.

August 8 the wearer @ thankunext327, Ariana Grande fan named Dorothy, said in his twitter that her mother took her phone permanently. She posted a farewell tweet through the Nintendo 3DS console.

I’m leaving forever. 
My mom took my phone. 
I will miss everyone. 

Over the next few days, Dorothy posted few more tweets , including from Nintendo Wii.

Hi, my mom took my phone and Nintendo 3DS, I have no choice but to use Wii. 
Thank you all for your support and love. 
I will answer everyone in PM and follow everyone when I get stable access to Twitter. 

According to the user, her mother continued to find gadgets from which Dorothy tweeted. In the end, she was so desperate that she tweeted using the LG smart refrigerator. This publication quickly gained popularity – it was soon noticed by several major media outlets.

I do not know if this will be published. 
I’m talking to my fridge, what the hell. 
Mom took all my gadgets again

Representatives of Twitter and LG supported the hashtag user #FreeDorothy (Free Dorothy).

Edition of The Guardian August 13 took the interview with “Dorothy”. The user said that she was 15 years old, and the electronic devices were taken from her because she was distracted while cooking and set up a small fire.

To talk to reporters, Dorothy used her cousin’s iPad because she still cannot use gadgets. She did not reveal her last name to the publication and “confirmed that the tweet was indeed published from the refrigerator.” The story was picked up by CBS News , BBC , Business Insider and others. In Russia, it was retold by Medialeaks , Medusa , Snob and Esquire .

However, not a single publication indicated that information about the publication of a tweet from any source can be easily faked. In February, Reddit posted detailed instructions on how to do this. As an example, there is just a refrigerator.

BuzzFeed notes that posting tweets from random places has already become a meme. At the beginning of 2019, Twitter user @meteorbower posted a post specifying Gucci’s smart toilet as the source.

You all, iPhone users who mock people with Android, dream of being at my damn level

LG told the publication that none of the manufacturer’s “smart” refrigerators had a Twitter application installed. Some models have a browser, however, if you tweet through it, then the tweet data will say “Twitter Web App”, and not “LG Smart Refrigerator”. A Twitter search also revealed that no one except @ thankunext327 posted messages from the LG fridge.

Buzzfeed news

BuzzFeed News contacted @ thankunext327. The user said that she responds through the iPad to her cousin, who is “soon discharged”, because “all charges from her were also confiscated.” Dorothy was asked which model of the refrigerator she used to publish a tweet, but after that she refused to answer, calling the question “rude”.

Another fan of Ariana Grande launched a thread on Twitter, in which she talked about talking with Dorothy. She claims that the user uses different accounts of teenage girls to spread hateful messages. At the same time, Dorothy continues to retweet messages from those who support it with the hashtag #FreeDorothy . By the time of this writing, she had 34 thousand subscribers.

It is not known for certain whether the 15-year-old girl maintains an @ thankunext327 account and whether her name is really Dorothy. When asked if her story was fake, she replied : “I would like it to be a joke.”

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