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Odnoklassniki launched the function of adding to friends by photo: the neural network itself will find the profile of the right person

The service does not violate the privacy of users: the profile and name of the person captured on the camera will not be revealed without confirmation.

Odnoklassniki launched the function of finding and adding friends using photos. To add a new friend to social networks, you can take him to the camera, was informed in the press service of the social network. At the same time, the profile and name of a friend can only be seen after confirming the application on his part – this is how the company protects the privacy of users.

The service is based on its own technology of social networks for face recognition based on neural networks and computer vision. The creators claim that it allows you to find friends with an accuracy of over 99%. The function works even if only old photos are loaded in the user’s profile: the technology extrapolates the face to them until the picture is taken in the application.

Face recognition technology in user photos was launched in Odnoklassniki in 2018: the service automatically notes users’ friends in their photos uploaded to profiles on the social network.

Using our own face recognition technologies in user photos, we were able to offer a completely new way to create friendships, ensuring the privacy of using Odnoklassniki services and their convenience. We can almost unmistakably identify a new friend from a photograph and at the same time maintain the confidentiality of his data until the moment of friendship. The new service will reduce the process of adding friends to one action, and we expect that in the future this way of starting communication in the social network will become a priority for many users.

Marina Krasnova

Director of Products “Friendship”, “Tape” and “Video” social network “Classmates”

The update is available to part of the audience of Odnoklassniki mobile applications on iOS and Android. Within a week, all users of the latest version of applications can use it.

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