Microsoft acknowledged wiretapping Cortana helper requests and conversations via Skype Translator

The company updated its privacy policy after the media found out that contractors were listening to audio messages from users.

Microsoft updated its privacy policy, which indicated that employees and contractors of the company can study the voice messages of users of the assistant Cortana and translator Skype Translator. This was reported by Vice.

The company’s updated privacy policy states that users’s personal data is processed both automatically and with the help of people. The Skype Translator page says that users’s audio recordings are collected to improve the product. The Cortana privacy policy also has a data collection warning.

A Microsoft representative explained to the publication: “In light of recent events, we decided that we should emphasize that sometimes people listen to this content.” Vice noted that Microsoft has a tool that allows you to delete audio recordings made using Cortana and Skype Translator.

In July, Google and Apple admitted that they hired contractors to listen to voice requests from Google Assistant and Siri users. Both companies temporarily stopped listening to recordings. On August 7, Vice found out that Microsoft is also using contractors to listen to some of Skype’s calls.

On August 13, they said on Facebook that they had engaged contractors to decrypt the voice messages of Messenger users. The social network said that they decoded the audio with the consent of users and stopped doing this in August.

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