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Lyubov Sobol announced the end of the hunger strike a month after the start

A FBK lawyer demanded that she be allowed to the polls, but stopped the rally at the request of the mother of her case volunteer on July 27.

Lyubov Sobol photo from her Instagram on August 12

Lyubov Sobol, a lawyer at the Anti-Corruption Foundation, has announcedthe end of her hunger strike since July 13. The politician began the rally after the election commission of the 43rd district refused to admit it to the elections to the Moscow City Duma.

Sable said she had stopped the hunger strike at the request of the mother of the volunteer of her headquarters, Alexei Minyailo , who was starving with her. Minyailo is under arrest in the July 27 riot case.

In a statement, Sobol also called on Muscovites to come to the polls on September 8 and vote for “the strongest candidate,” capable of, in their opinion, defeating United Russia. The lawyer also called the cases of riots, impeded the work of election commissions and the laundering of funds of FBK “fabricated.”

In an interview with the BBC Russian Service, Sobol said that during her first hunger strike, she drank only mineral water and ate only painkillers. From the beginning of the action, she spent the night at the signature collection center, as she considered it “pointless” to conduct her at home.

During the hunger strike in the media and social networks distributedpictures in which Sobol ate something in cafes and restaurants, but after checking these photos turned out to be old. Also, couriers with pizza appeared at the door of the headquarters, which no one ordered. The politician accused the provocations of employees of the media holding, which is associated with businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin.

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